Corporate Select Member Application

Corporate Select Membership is designed to offer a company 5 membership spots with one unique employee as the administrator at $215 annually. This membership type allows companies the flexibility to bring any 4 employees plus the administrator to all chapter events at the member rate. 
New Corporate Select Members or Corporate Select Members who let their membership go inactive by not paying within 45 days of submission, can submit a new application for Corporate Select Membership. 
Please submit 1 application for the corporate select membership (worth 5 spots) to be filled out by your chosen administrator.

 Government Entity
 Non-Profit Organization
 Private Business
 Public Business

In a moment, you will be asked to select a twelve-month Dues Payment of $215 for the Corporate Select Membership of 5 Member Spots which will generate an email Dues Payment Receipt. Balances owed on the receipt can be paid in person at the next meeting (by cash, check or credit card) or paid by check via mail. Membership expiration date will be changed once payment has been received by Treasurer.
Temporary membership will expire 45 days after submitting on-line application if Dues Payment is not received.

Once this application form is submitted, an e-mail is generated to the CenTex Board of Directors where they review your application and approve your membership upon receiving your dues payment. Your PENDING status will be changed to ACTIVE member and an email will be sent with your login account information. It will ask you to click on a link to create a new password.