When you join our CenTex Chapter, you are able to have voting rights, apply for the TPC Scholarship, become an officer (must also be APA National Member), and access to membership directory and job postings on the website. Finally, you receive discounts on meetings and seminars sponsored by the chapter.

Costs for 12 month membership is:
$45 for National American Payroll Association member
$55 for non-APA members



To Join, click on MEMBER APPLICATION link on left side of this page. Fill out the on-line application form.

Once you submit form, you will be asked to select which type of 12 month membership dues.
Payment for dues can be by sending check in mail or paying in person at next Monthly Chapter meeting (cash, check or credit cards accepted at meetings for payments).


Your membership status will be PENDING until the Membership Coordinator Officer has reviewed your on-line application. Upon approval, you will receive a WELCOME email with your member user name and link to create new password. You will then be able to register for meetings or classes as a member.

However, your membership is temporary pending receiving payment for annual dues. Once payment has been received, then membership expiration date will be changed to 12 months from date of payment.

If dues payment is not received within 45 days after application approval by Membership Coordinator, then your temporary membership will expire and your profile will change to NON-MEMBER.